The Fairy Woods At Fedderate

Explore the Fairy Woods to discover the 10 fairies who live in the forest.  Discover who lives behind each door and leave behind a piece of magic treasure.

Follow the clues to find all 10 fairy doors and a few surprises on the way!

The Fairy Woods at Fedderate is a woodland adventure for toddlers through to 8-9 year olds.  The younger children love leaving the treasure at the doors and the older children enjoy the stories and the adventure.

The tour finishes at the Toadstool Story Circle, where the children can enjoy some hot chocolate, a fairy cake and get the chance to toast marshmallows.

The children are then free to explore the forest play park where they can climb, ‘bake’ at the mud kitchens, build dens or create their own structures with the loose parts play.

The forest is buggy friendly and with a bit of effort the forest is accessible to wheelchair users.

The Sitka Spruce forest is very sheltered but wellies are encouraged as the pine needles find it hard to sneak into them.

Group tours are available to playgroups, mother and toddler groups, nurseries and Primary 1-3.  Tours can be organised to suit your groups needs.

Links to the Curriculum for Excellence

I am a primary teacher and this adventure has been created to support the growing interest in outdoor learning and forest school education and will help you to facilitate many areas of the Curriculum for Excellence.

‘I explore and appreciate the wonder of nature within different environments’ SOC 0-08a

‘I explore numbers’ MNU 0-12a

‘I am enjoying opportunities to participate in different kinds of energetic play outdoors’ HWB 0-25a

‘I have observed living things in the environment’ SCN 0-01a

‘I enjoy exploring events and characters in stories’ Lit 0-01c


Parties £13 per child. (Minimum booking of 10 children)

Parties with wings and goody bags available on request.

Education Group bookings £8 per child.

Grown ups free. (They get coffee, s’mores and marshmallows as well)

To book a place on a tour phone 07711431183, email:  or use the ‘book a tour link’.

School trips are designed around your groups needs.