New for March 2018

We have developed an orienteering course for school trips. P4-7

The children will explore the 7 acre Sitka Spruce forest, and a surrounding field to find the signal points using a simple orienteering map.  The children will punch a control card to register that each signal point has been visited.

The children will watch a short instructional and safety video in the woodland classrooms. (ex ALEC caravans)

Teachers can decide based on their knowledge of their class if the children will explore in pairs or small groups.

The course is about 1/2 a mile and will take approximately 15-20 minutes to complete.

The children can earn bonus points by collecting a few natural objects on the way.

Orienteering is great for team work, physical activity, problem solving, logical reasoning, cooperation, confidence, and mathematical skills.

A full list of links to the Curriculum for Excellence can be found at:

Click to access CfE_Es_and_Os.pdf

Class trips can have a snack at the toadstool circle, toast marshmallows and play at the woodland park.