The orienteering course is in the 7 acre Fedderate Woods and a surrounding field.  The children receive an orienteering input and safety briefing prior to starting so no previous experience is required.

The children will explore the woods to locate signal points using a map and they will punch their control cards to register that each signal point has been visited.  This can be done in pairs or small teams.  An element of competition can be added by timing the course.  Bonus points can be earned by collecting a few natural objects on the way.

Suitable for school trips from P4-7 Including snack around the campfire, toasting marshmallows and playing in the forest play park.

Links to Curriculum for Excellence:

Scottish Orienteering have provided the links to the curriculum.



Birthday parties £10 per child. (Minimum 10 children)

Education Groups £8 per child, includes snack session and play park.

Grown up free (they get tea/coffee and snacks.)

Open days for families. £3 per person (children and adults), including snack around the campfire, toasting marshmallows and a play in the forest play park.  Look on facebook for events.


or contact me on 07711431183 or nikkielrick@btintertnet.com